Twelve Petite Weeks


I thought I'd start this blog by sharing my dating scan. Twelve little weeks and this is what ma petite looks like already. Healthy so far and around the size of an Apricot. The best part? This petite was a total surprise and made their announcement a few weeks before Mathieu and I tied the knot. 

We have been married for three weeks now and our petite was there all along to celebrate the day, or rather to keep me the most sober person at our wedding.  The next day was father's day so we surprised the parents with the news of having their first grandchild, my dad blubbed like a baby. 

We then "mini mooned" to Paris and feasted on macaroons and crepes which then my "all day" morning sickness kicked in. It wasn't pretty. 

When we got back from Paris we had our dating scan the next day. Mathieu and I made a bet, He thought I was six weeks and I seven. To our shock we found out we were twelve weeks that day. We've told our workplaces and close friends and now are patiently waiting on our next scan to see Petite again.

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