Wedding Dress Ideas & Styles

Today's post is all about the dress. The dress. When I think of a wedding dress I realise that somewhere deep down I have always wanted a wedding just so that I could wear one! There are so many styles, details, lengths... I just don't know where to start.

Well, actually I do. I am a UK size 14 with a big bust and sitting and thinking of my dress certain styles drop away as I just know that I wouldn't wear them with my body type (I also have a definite hourglass silhouette) so opting for a backless dress or a very low cut front is a no for me as I just couldn't pull them off. I have been on a wedding dress pinning rampage the last few days and I have an idea of what style I now want but I still think that when I see the dress I'll know, hopefully that is.

So the elements that I am lusting after are a sweetheart neckline. I need something modest as I don't want to be worry about my boobs making the dress look racy on the day. I have definitely settled for the pretty ruffled, eyelet sleeves. I don't mind long sleeves but I think these just give a pretty edge to the dress, also making it summery. I have decided on a full length mucg to the shock of my Maid of Honour as she was so sure that I would have chosen a 50's cocktail style knee length dress but I knew it had to be long. One thing I am so sure on is that I want it mostly plain. I don't want diamates or beading just plain and simple like me.

1. I adore this dress! The style and shape is everything that I'm looking for!

2. The sleeves are perfect and I love that the skirt is big. I'm undecided if I want a simple straight skirt or a billowing princessy sihouette.

3.I love the detail of the back and sleeves on this dress. Although I have ruled out a backless style I still thought this was gorgeous. 

4. I love the style of the skirt in this. How pretty is the length? I love that it would show my shoes! After all they're something to show off too aren't they?

5. Oh my! This one also hits the nail on the head for me!

6. I love the Grecian style of this dress/ It's almost as if the front bodice is wrapped like a toga haha! I  think it's beautful.

7. Aside from already deciding on eyelet sleeve details, this dress also catches me out! I love how playful it is and its perfect for a summer wedding. 

8. How gorgeous is the panel detail of this dress??

9. I suprised myself when I fell in love with this style! I don't think I would have gone for the wholeof my neck to be covered just in case in gave off victorian vibes but this is beautiful and I could see myself wearing it.

10. How simple and beautiful is this dress? It's bright white is illuminating and the ruffled sleeves are gorgeous.

11. This is one of the more fancier looks that I found but I could see my body type suiting best.

What do you think? Would you gofor any of these styles? What would you reccomend?