Thoughts on my first wedding fair

After Mathieu proposed I promptly googled all the wedding fairs and shows in area and jotted the dates down in my bullet journal (yes I have one of those haha)! But the one that I missed was right on my doorstep. the couple I had planned to go to in January backfired as I already had plans and then I booked tickets straight away for the National Wedding Fair at the NEC in Birmingham! Can't wait for that one! 

Mathieu and I were walking down our street one day which just so happens to be the high street in Chester city centre, and noticed that there was a wedding fair at the Grosvenor Hotel. We signed up and went straight in.

The fair was only small  but it was so insightful and I think that Mathieu actually enjoyed it! It was helpful in so many ways such as grabbing all the business cards, meeting local vendors and although its not nice to say, actually helped us to see what we didn't want in a wedding. 

It was nice to see photographers and what styles they did, we realised what style photographs we didn't want. We realised that we don't want huge gaudy table decorations but we soon realised that we did want some kind of floral arrangement. It was so eye opening and I even got a small goodie bag filled with Clarins samples and every perfume sample that I love! I also topped up on every free wedding magazine I could get my hands on haha! 

We came out having a good idea of what we want from our vendor and may have a potential photographer! Mathieu loved being fawned over when he hit the suit suppliers and can't wait to have a suit fitting session, although we both need to decide on the colour of the suit as it's the one thing we can't agree on! 

By the time this post goes live I will have already visited the National Wedding Fair so I can't wait to do a post on that! I am so excited! I will be going with my mother and we're both looking forward to a lovely day out! 

What did you think of your wedding fairs? Is the idea of a wedding fair a nightmare for you? Let me know!

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