Outdoor Wedding Ideas that I love

I've mentioned on here before that my ideal wedding day will be held outside in the British sunshine with lots of greenery, wildflowers, and fairy lights. That's the goal. I've put together here some wee mood boards on what I would consider having. 

i, iiiii

Look at those beautiful ceremonies! I love that they are taking place in the sunshine and under the stars (très romantic). For a while now I have been quite taken with the idea of an arch. I love that you can dress it up but after seeing the tree here all lit up at night is definitely giving me new ideas and the ceremony in the forest with all the guest stood around? I never would have considered a ceremony like that but I think it is beautiful! 


Another thing to think about (there are many!) with outdoor weddings is where your guests are going to sit. I have seen so many different seating arrangements and love the idea of a circle and having the ceremony in the middle so everyone can see. I am not really too fussed but love the idea of having different chairs to sit on and pretty floral decorations or even hay bales if you're going for that rustic look! 


I think my favourite thing I'm looking forward to (aside from marrying my lobster haha) is the evening party. I can't wait to dress my venue and would be the happiest person alive if it could look something similar to the photos above. I am dreaming of lots of fairy lights, long tables and no seating plan, a live band and once more lots of greenery. 

I don't know why I'm so taken with the idea of an outdoor wedding, maybe it's because I was always outside as a child. I think I'm a bit nostalgic and would love for this special day to occur on a hot summer day with the smell of grass in the air surrounded by family and friends. I can't wait!

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