How to decide on your wedding colour theme

Whilst browsing through multiple wedding boards and pins on Pinterest, I quickly realised what style wedding I want. But as I was scrolling I realised that there were certain colour themes that made these wedding pics stand out. 

Then it just kind of hit me that I needed to have one too! I know that seems kind of obvious to most brides-to-be but as I am new to this stuff it went straight over my head! With that realisation I suddenly became very overwhelmed.

I need to think of flowers colours, table decor, bridesmaids dresses! I went to make myself a cuppa and sat down to a notebook and pen and did a good ol' brainstorm. I am a very minimal person in some ways.

 I like what I like and I am not a very colourful person. I like the saying "Though she always wears black, she has the most colourful mind" as I feel that that saying was made for me. My wardrobe consists of black, white, grey and dark green. But funnily enough the last thing I want is a minimal, formal, black tie wedding. Confusing I know.

I took stock from all the wedding pins I was pinning and noticed that they were full of greenery with the odd pop of colour from a floral bouquet along with the shimmer of gold from a jewellery piece or fairy lights. My favourite colour has always been green so I thought about it and decided it should be a no brainer and have it in my colour palette.

So I have decided on three colours that the colour palette will revolve around and they are Green, Blush & Gold. I am now visioning a venue full of greenery. Table decorations full of leaves and flowers, with of course, fairy lights above our heads.  For the pop of colour I am leaning towards blushes, purples, pinks with hints of yellow and along with the influence of fairy lights, I will have all my accessories gold.

What do you think? What are your favourite colours? Did you use them in your wedding theme? 

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