Announcing My Engagement

Whew. I didn't know how stressful that moment was going to be. After Mathieu proposed we didn't rush to tell anyone, not even our family. We live a few hours away from both my parents and Mathieu's family still reside in France. 

I didn't want to ring as I felt like I had to tell them in person and see the look on their faces. The only problem was that Mathieu is a chef & works the most awkward hours so a get together is always hard to arrange. 

The day after he proposed I arranged a dinner with my mum & stepdad at a restaurant, to come down to stay the weekend at my dad's, and a FaceTime call to Mathieu's mother. 

As I had a while to break the news, four weeks to be exact!, I started to fret about how I would tell them. I don't know why but I didn't want to raise my hand and yell I'm engaged, I just felt more comfortable with a different version. 

I headed straight to Etsy and ordered some Save The Dates. I had had a month to plan already so we had already set a date. As I'm on a strict budget, I needed something purse friendly, rustic, pretty, and fast. 

As you can see I don't want much haha. But straight away I found these beautiful bookmarks that were £8 including delivery that could be posted in two days. Meant to be if I do say so myself. I ordered 15 to hand out to my family members and close friends as an announcement and I loved watching their faces as they opened the envelopes. 

My mum: 

As I mentioned above we went out for a meal on the second of January to tell my mum. It was just after Christmas, and as Mathieu & I spent Christmas day together we hadn't seen her before the holidays. I gave her an envelope containing a small thank you card for her lovely presents and then passed her my bookmark. 

She was chatting away as she opened it and for some reason, I had so many butterflies swirling around my stomach. I slipped the ring on under the table and watched her reaction as she stopped mid sentence and frowned at the bookmark. She looked at me & Mathieu and just said "what?" & I then showed her the ring as a huge smile spread across her face and she took her face in her hands. Mathieu was unbelievably nervous and I started to bloody cry! She passed the bookmark to my step dad and stood up to hug us shouting "I can't believe it" whilst I sobbed like a toddler. Mathieu could breathe again & my stepdad called for champagne. 

It was nerve-wracking and I had to do it another two times that week! 

My dad: 

On the following Saturday, we took a three-hour train down to my dad and step mums to tell them the news, armed with the envelope. We arrived at the house and exchanged Christmas gifts and after they had settled down, with shaking hands, I passed them the envelope saying I had one more present for them. I still cannot get over my dad's reaction. His jaw dropped he looked up at me and yelped "what's this!?" Causing my step mum to jump up and look, whilst my father broke down in tears. The big ol' softie. My stepmum cheered and then ran out for bottles of bubbly. 

Oh, but it wasn't over yet. The next day we had a Sunday roast booked at a local pub (standard Britain aha) where the rest of my father's family were joining for a belated birthday lunch for my aunt. I gulped down my gin and tonic and passed my aunty her birthday present and card. Once she had opened them I slipped her and my gran an envelope with the save the dates. The whole restaurant was met with screams as my aunty screamed to my uncle "Oh my god! they're getting married!!!" I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. The whole pub was eyeballing us haha. My gran was in tears and jumped up to hug me and so did everyone else whilst my father blubbered away in a corner. 

And last but not least Mathieu's Mother:

It was hard at first to find a time to face time his mum as we were both traveling up and down Wales to tell everyone the news. I've never met Mats mum but I have spoken to her briefly via face time where she waves and coos at me in French as she doesn't speak a word of English. We finally got ahold of her one Monday night, Mathieu and I sat on the sofa together and he told her the news. She cried straight away and shouted "Finally!" in french whilst sobbing into her hands whilst Mathieu sat next to me stunned and embarrassed.

So that's how we told our families. I then announced it on Facebook because isn't that what we do these days? I know people have mixed feelings about announcing personal events such as this on social media but as I have moved away from home it's a great way to stay in touch.

How did you tell your family? Would you use a different method? 

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