A round up of Beautiful Engagement rings

I can't not have a post on engagement rings on this little blog. After all, they are an object that some girls out there have dreamt of since their childhood. To others these rings are a complete surprise as they never really gave them much thought and to some, they're not even on their list of things to do. If I had got my own way I would have had an engagement puppy instead of a ring but due to renting a one bed flat it's not possible. One day though.

I thought I would do a mini round up of some beautiful rings that caught my eye via Pinterest. Some may find these a bit untraditional and some are but I feel they're unique and have a bit of character. After all not everyone wants a beautiful princess cut ring from Tiffanys.... 

i, ii

I adore this first ring. I think it's beautiful and minimal with the right amount of sparkle. I love that it's not a traditional set diamond ring but offers something pretty and different. Ring number two makes my heart flutter! This ring is made by the talented Angeline Crowder Boyer from Oregon, find her Etsy shop here. She makes THE most beautiful creations all from natural rock. This ring maker holds a special place in my heart as she made my own engagement ring and I love that no one else will have the exact same style. Mathieu handed me her business card and the leaflet that came with the ring a couple of days after his proposal and my eyes were drawn to this colourful ring on the front. My favourite colour is green and I would never have though of a coloured stone for an engagement ring, but this is gorgeous.

iii, iv

Ring number three and four are rather similar. A thin gold band with single large diamond taking the front. The same aside from the diamond shape, three is a circle, four an oval. I think the circle is another pretty minimal ring but I think I prefer the oval style. I feel it somehow makes t look a little more vintage.

v, vi

How beautiful is the idea of three small clustered diamonds for an engagement ring? Ring number five has another thin gold band and shows how beautiful a minimal engagement ring can be. I love ring number six' diamond cut. And is it strange that I love the cushioned pink box it comes in? I love the simple stone and the vintage look.

vii, viii

Ring number seven is another small minimal approach but I love how it works. I feel people who are not fussed by the size of their diamonds would love this ring. Number eight is a beautiful vintage approach, I love the three set stones and how the colours contrast together.

And last but not least a shameless plug in here of my own engagement ring. I couldn't not add this beauty in as to me this is the best one haha. My ring has a rose gold/copper band set with a grey white unpolished/cut diamond. You can read here why I didn't want an unresearched diamond ring.

I just wanted to add a little note here to say that this is just a round up of some pretty rings that I found online. I am not aware of the prices but I have linked the sources if you wish to find out. I am aware that not every person has the advantage of these beautiful rings and that not everyone wants one. The most important thing about the ring is the gesture/sentiment, story and most importantly the person behind it, even if he/she has asked to spend their life with you without a ring, that is the most important thing of all. As I said before I would definatly choose a puppy haha!

What do you think of this round up? What type of ring did you have? A unique custom ring? A family heirloom? A quick ring because you couldn't wait? A puppy?

Let me know! 


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